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HSE article for Newborns

Life with a newborn baby

Looking after a newborn baby is a full-time job. But you also need to look after yourself. Read tips on how to cope with tiredness and on life with a newborn.

Skin-to-skin contact with newborns

Skin-to-skin contact helps your baby stay warm and adjust to life outside the womb. Learn about how this contact benefits you, your partner and your baby

What newborns look like

Babies look different at birth. This is normal, but It can be surprising if your baby looks red or wrinkled. Learn about variations in a newborn's appearance.

  • Vitamin K for newborn babies

    Your newborn baby will be offered a vitamin K injection before they leave hospital. Read how safe the vaccine is for your baby and what the signs of vitamin K deficiency bleeding are

  • The Beutler test for babies in Travelling community

    The Beutler test is a test for a condition 80 times more likely to affect the Travelling community. Your baby may get the test soon after birth. Read more about it.

  • Umbilical cord stump

    Your baby's umbilical cord will be cut after birth. A small stump will remain. It will fall away after a short period. Learn how to take special care of this area.